Custom JBoss BPM

If you feel that your business lacks automation in the flow of information, here is a cost-effective solution for you. Using JBoss Business Process Management toolkit, we help our clients in completely automating their business processes. This helps them achieve their organizational goals quickly and streamline their procedures.

Moreover, the jBPMautomation framework includes complex event processing technologies apart from process management and rules management engine. Thus, this helps us create business process management solutions for our clients that are cost-effective and efficient in nature.

Why Your Business Needs JBoss Business Automation Frame Work

There are many reasons why we recommend our clients to use Red Hat’s Business Process Management toolkit. Hence, some of the most beneficial features of JBoss BPM include:

  • Business Modeling – This feature allows an organization’s employees to create models for their information flow based on company policies. Using this option, company employees can prepare charts and tables and build scorecards as well. This helps them in streamlining the business processes significantly.
  • Cloud-Based Deployment – Red Hat allows business users to implement its JBoss framework on the cloud as well. This means that organizations can use a centralized resource for data management and application development.
  • Built-in Rules Engine –Using Java-based ‘Drools’ technology, jBPM introduces a business rules engine (BRE) that is powerful enough to provide complete runtime support for Decision Models and Notations – DMN.

Besides all this, JBoss solution is cost effective to deploy as it is based on an Open Source platform. The framework comes with a built-in solver that makes efficient use of resources to solve complex problems in a minimal amount of time.

JBoss BPM Architecture

The JBoss Business Process Management architecture includes the following main components:

Business Process Model and Notation –The core of JBoss Business Process Management Architecture is a lightweight workflow engine built on the BPMN technology. This Java-based platform can run on any object-oriented environment that is embedded in your application, and it can run as a service as well.

Layers on Top of Core Engine – There are a number of support features that lie on top of the core engine to support your business processes. These include:

  • Web and Eclipsed based editor to support business process modeling and case definitions.
  • Transaction-based JPA or JTA.
  • Management console that supports instance management, task forms, and task list management. It provides management reporting features as well.
  • History log for keeping an audit trail about system queries.

JBoss BPM framework allows business analysts, system developers, and end users to communicate with each other on a common business optimization framework. This business automation supports dynamic and adaptive processes and problem-solving procedures. Moreover, this helps business users solve real-life complex problems with much ease.

At the Open Source Group, we help our clients in the smooth implementation of JBoss BPM framework at their workplace. Moreover, our team of experienced developers has expertise in open source platform and is always ready to solve your business automation needs. Call our office for a free consultation today!

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