jBPM Development

What is jBPM?

jBPM is an open source business process management (BPM) solution written in Java.  It allows businesses of all sizes to transition from manual processes, spreadsheets, and checklists into a controlled, visible and optimizable process.  Tasks performed by humans can be managed through a prioritized web or mobile task list.  Repetitive tasks like email/SMS notifications, product quotes, PDF form submissions, and even phone calls can all be automated.

jBPM is a Java Enterprise Edition web application suitable for use in JavaEE containers like JBoss, Tomcat, WebLogic, and WebSphere.  Workflow rules and task automation can be programmed in Java to do almost anything.

Why Implement BPM?

The point of BPM systems is not to merely move manual processes into a computer system.  It’s real benefit is giving management the data they need to make educated decisions based on facts.  Properly implemented and tracked business processes can accurately pinpoint the constraint of your system.  Spending time trying to optimize process performance without identifying the constraint is a waste of time and money.  jBPM is commonly used in almost every industry to do things like:

  • Provide insurance quotes based on automated data-driven rules
  • Manage HR processes for legal conformance
  • Automate supply chain processes and supplier communications
  • Automating inter-department support ticket escalations
  • Channel partner deal registration approval processes

How Can We Help?

Open Source Group has deep knowledge of jBPM and Red Hat Process Server (the commercial version of jBPM).  Our jBPM developers can:

  • Installing and configure a highly scalable jBPM deployment on your own servers or at a cloud provider
  • Model your manual business process in jBPM
  • Optimize your process by parallelizing any independent task or series of tasks
  • Adding management notifications of success and problematic conditions
  • Implementing approval loops to ensure conformance to business objectives
  • Building dashboards and reports to give management and staff a clear view of all work in progress
  • Analytics to measure human and system performance
  • Automation of tasks (emails, push notifications, phone calls, PDF generation, etc…)

Let us help your business scale!

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We have over 5 years experience developing custom software solutions for our clients. We are experts in open source software so that we can leverage existing libraries and tools to avoid reinventing the wheel at our customers' expense.