Business Process Management Services

If you feel that your business processes are not aligned with your organizational goals, you might be missing out on a BPM solution. As a BPM or Business Process Management solution provider, Open Source Group helps companies optimize their operating procedures for better performance. This workflow optimization through innovative technology allows companies to grow their businesses smoothly and more quickly.

Business processes can be optimized through different software technologies such as Cloud Computing and mobile application development. Since we have expertise in all these areas, we provide our clients with a complete package to effectively manage their resources.

Benefits Clients Avail through Our BPM Solutions

  • Streamlining Their Business Processes – By using cutting-edge process mapping technology, we help speed up the flow of information in an organization. The BPM solution that we design for our clients helps them define standard operating procedures at the workplace. Using our services, clients are able to achieve more in less amount of time.
  • Increase Productivity –Using this innovative technology, we help companies create synergies amongst different departments. This, in turn, helps in building a strong relationship between internal as well as external stakeholders promoting employee productivity.
  • Performance Management – Implementing a BPM solution allows a business to keep track of all data flowing in and out of an organization. This means that you can accurately measure employee performance based on the contribution towards organizational goals.
  • Increased Collaboration – Using the latest BPM tools and software development techniques, we help organizations build centralized databases and standardized software applications. Since all departments start using a single application, processes become smooth which promotes operational excellence.

BPM Architecture

  • Rules – A BPM suite incorporates automated business rules, so users can control the flow of information as per organizational rules and regulation.
  • Design tools – BPM software comes with a customizable dashboard that allows users to build personalized interfaces that are easy to work with.
  • Analytics – The analytics framework incorporated in BPM software comes with a rich reporting tool that helps organizations in:
    • Identifying bottlenecks during the flow of information.
    • Creating efficiency in an organization’s workflow.
  • Content Management – Using BPM technology, companies can store, search, and put version control on all documents flowing in and out of the network.
  • Transparency of Information – All users on a BPM platform have easy access to important information pertaining to their role. This helps employees meet their deadlines without avoiding delays due to lack of available information.

Our software engineers will work with you to develop a business process management solution. Hence, the solution will be ideal for your specific needs. The step-by-step BPM implementation approach that we use keeps your operations running. In the meantime, we make changes to your business processes. Our team will understand your existing procedures and design a solution that will create synergy amongst different departments. The tools that we use allow us to model workflows and help our clients make efficient use of available resources. So, call our office for a free consultation today!

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We have over 5 years experience developing custom software solutions for our clients. We are experts in open source software so that we can leverage existing libraries and tools to avoid reinventing the wheel at our customers' expense.